7 Efficient ways to Clean Natural Water Bodies

Freshwater is one of our most valuable resources, and dirty water not only harms the environment but also harms human health. Much of that water comes from rivers, lakes, and other sources of surface water.

It is treated to remove pollutants, particles, and tiny organisms before being delivered to our homes. This perfect, drinkable water is then used for cooking, washing, showering, and watering our gardens, among other things.

In the next ten years, water shortage will almost certainly be an inevitable reality for the vast majority of the world. We can’t bear having our drinking water sources contaminated and harmed.

Yet, without realizing it, that is exactly what we are doing.

Our water sources can be kept clean in a variety of ways. Let’s look at a few options for preventing harmful water contamination in nearby rivers and lakes, as well as groundwater and drinking water.

We’ve compiled a list of the most fundamental recommendations that you can use at home.

Here are a few basic things you can do to help:

1. Drains should only be used to drain water.

– These drains transport stormwater to nearby waters. Stormwater carries used motor oil, detergents, lawn fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxins to local rivers, causing unnecessary harm.

– Hazardous contaminants such as paints, motor oil, and medications should be kept out of the water supply via proper disposal. Enquire with your local government regarding chemical collection and drop-off places.

2. Take part in clean-up efforts.

– Help keep trash out of the water by participating in local clean-up days. Pick up trash near a river, stream, or beach, as well as city streets and highways. If you have children, use this opportunity to teach them about how rubbish tossed onto the street might end up in the ocean. Organize a clean-up day for a school or church group so that everyone may collaborate and learn.

3. Wetlands should be preserved.

– If your property is adjacent to a wetland ecosystem, make sure the wetlands are preserved. Wetlands operate as a natural filter, preventing pollutants, excess nutrients, and silt from entering the water system. Because forests around waterways work as filters, conserving trees along streams and rivers can help keep waterways clean.

4. Clean Water Campaigner

– Advocate for clean water policy or join in a clean water outreach campaign once you’ve taken personal responsibility for cleaning the water supply. For example, you may use your knowledge to teach others how to keep the water clean through a community education program.

Speak up at city hall meetings about the importance of water quality. Write to your representatives and ask them to support clean water initiatives.

5. Please do not litter

– Perhaps we shouldn’t have to remind people not to litter, but a few folks still haven’t gotten the word.
– Plastic wrappers from draws and traps can be seen along the water's edge in every stream or lake popular with fishermen. Furthermore, if you litter in your area, it will make its way to a storm drain, where it will end up in our streams, lakes, and, eventually, the sea.

6. Reduce the number of chemicals you use

– The most effective strategy to preserve global waterways from chemicals is to eliminate or reduce your use of harsh chemicals. Chemicals that seep into bodies of water have the potential to destroy ecosystems. When nitrogen and phosphorus, which are often used in fertilizers, enter a water body, they cause an explosion of algae growth, killing off any existing aquatic life.

7. Oils should not be disposed of in the sink.

– While there is nothing wrong with eating or applying oils to your skin, disposing of grease, fat, and spent cooking oil in the sink or down the drain is not a good idea.
– It is preferable to dispose of oils in the trash or to collect all of your surplus oil in one bottle and discard it.

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