Climate Change & 2021: How it could be a Crucial Year

Climate change has become an unavoidable part of our lives, affecting everything around in the environment and causing detrimental issues such as floods, droughts, melting glaciers, and much more. However, in this article, we won’t be looking into the negatives but instead would be diving into the importance of 2021 and how it could act as a major turning point in tackling climate change; the very problem that could result in the end of the earth.

Why is 2021 important in tackling climate change?


In November of this year, world leaders will assemble in Glasgow for the successor to the landmark 2015 Paris summit, in hopes of formulating a well-devised plan of action. The initial summit attended in Paris holds significant value as it was the first assembly where nearly all the world’s nations participated. It now serves as the foundation for every summit to be held in the future.

Commitments were made by countries to cut carbon emissions & enforce limits to decrease the disastrous rise in temperature by 2°C above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century. However, this backfired with the increase in temperature of about 3°C.

In accordance with the agreement to meet every 5 years to re-discuss matters set within the Paris agreement, the meet dated for November 2020 in Glasgow which was postponed due to the current economic disarray caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Most countries & industries are focusing on the root cause of climate change: Carbon Emission — which causes about 28% of pollutant emission in the world.
China, UK, Japan, South Korea, and European Union have already committed to net target zero & are turning carbon neutral. This has brought down the prices of renewable sources, making them the cheapest source of energy.

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With the extreme fall in the cost of renewable sources & the growing awareness amongst people about environmental issues, most businesses have been obliged to create an environment sector. This sector looks upon the company’s carbon footprint & how to reduce it.


During the global lockdown, we have seen various pictures on social media platforms portraying the blossoming of nature due to the lack of human intervention and destruction. Not only did nature prosper, but we also witnessed the reemergence of several species of animals that had previously went missing.

With the observance of the unpredicted yet highly welcomed changes that were observed within nature, proper and disciplined implementation and creation of Post COVID-19 laws must be required.

However, it must be noted that it is only through cooperation from citizens and mankind, that said beauty can continue to cohabitate with us.

Contribution of ‘us’

For 2021 to be the turning point, it requires our contribution to reduce carbon imprint in our daily lives. We need to adapt to a greener lifestyle & voice our opinions, whenever possible. From not printing documents unless extremely required to shifting to electrical cars, the change lies within us to control & make 2021 as the year nature deserves.

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