5 Helpful Approaches to Safeguard the Ozone Layer

The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere between 15 and 30 km above the Earth. Most of the ultraviolet light from the sun is absorbed by it, which reduces how much of this radiation reaches Earth’s surface.

It is crucial for safeguarding human health since this radiation causes cataracts and skin cancer. Additionally, it stops materials, plants, and animals from suffering radiation harm. The best part is that restrictions on CFCs have considerably slowed the ozone hole’s expansion and reduced the harm to our planet.

We provide you with five straightforward suggestions whose use will help safeguard the ozone layer because every little step counts ~

Reduce the use of vehicles

Most cars are not made to be environmentally friendly. Additionally, studies have indicated that motor vehicle emissions are responsible for 72% of the nitrogen oxides and 52% of the reactive hydrocarbon emissions that harm the ozone layer. The usage of automobiles must be limited as much as feasible. Alternative methods of transportation include walking, biking, and public transportation

Avoid purchasing aerosols containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)

Even though many applications for CFCs have been restricted or outlawed, the best way to be certain is to read the labels on all of your hairsprays, deodorants, and household cleaners. To further lower your probability of purchasing CFCs, choose pump spray products versus pressured cans.

Utilize air conditioners sensibly

Limiting the amount of time that the air conditioner is utilized is the main component of responsible use. In that regard, it’s crucial to avoid continuously running the air conditioners. However, it’s also crucial to do routine maintenance because failures cause one of the deadliest chemicals, chlorofluorocarbons, to escape into the atmosphere.

Inform your friends of ways they may help preserve the ozone layer

It will take all of us working together to close the ozone layer hole. Encourage your friends to use public transportation more often, eat less meat, shop locally, and properly dispose of any outdated ozone-depleting fire extinguishers or cooling equipment.

Purchase plywood, wood goods, and lumber that have not been methyl bromide treated

This pesticide will “off gas” elemental bromine that depletes the ozone layer when applied to wood. Every pallet or crate has a stamp on it that describes how it was handled: The HT and MB abbreviations stand for heat treatment and methyl bromide, respectively.

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Since elemental bromine has been discovered to be more harmful to the ozone layer, finding and using building goods that don’t use bromomethane may be as crucial as ceasing the use of CFCs at home.

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