About Niswarth – The Selfless

About निःस्वार्थ - The Selfless

‘Niswarth – The Selfless’ is a Registered Trust 410 of 2019-2020. It is a Delhi based non-profit non-governmental organization. Nikita Yadav, a dental student, who aims for a better Delhi, founded it in August 2018.

While quoting Martin Luther King Jr. she says,
“An individual has not started living until he or she can rise above the narrow confines of individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.’’

In a short period, she has outstretched towards like-minded youth who strongly believe in working selflessly for improving our country’s capital. The efforts, of Niswarth team, are focused on various domains like pollution, healthcare, education, and hunger eradication.

Why the name ‘Niswarth – The Selfless’

Dr. Nikita recalls: “On a rainy day, while I was driving my car, I saw a foreign girl struggling to get to her destination. The girl was in a formal dress, trying hard not to get wet and dirty. This made me feel sorry for the girl. I drove towards her and offered her a lift to the nearest metro station. After covering all the pits and water-clogged roads that came in our way, I finally dropped the girl at the metro station. The girl thanked me and offered some money, which really took me by surprise. I thought to myself, why do people think that help will always be attached with returning the favour. I replied with a smile, and told her that she does not need to pay anything and that I only wanted to help. The girl thanked me once again and left.”

This incident became an inspiration for Dr Nikita to start this initiative and erase the minds of people expecting something in return for any help or service.

According to her, if we help anyone selflessly, in turn creating a positive impact in his or her life even by a small margin, then it makes our existence meaningful. There is a saying, खुद के लिये हर कोई जिता है, लेकीन दुसरो के लिए जीना, जीना होता है|”

This has been our motto and thus, from this comes the name of the organization, ‘Niswarth – The Selfless’.

Why being Niswarth is Important

Just like the one above, another incident created a deep impact on the mind of Nikita and inspired her to take the initiative.

Nikita recalls; “On a bright Sunday morning, when I was traveling in a cab to my friend’s place, the roads were clean with no notable traffic.

A truck moved ahead of my car at a slow speed. The road that we drove on was under construction. I glanced outside and saw a tall labourer who looked cheerful and stood on the divider. Suddenly, I felt a jolt out of nowhere as the car halted abruptly. I closed my eyes due to this unexpected stoppage but the moment I opened them, what I saw changed my view towards life forever.

The man had lost his legs from knees. I could not rationalize how the accident happened, since the truck was slow. The man wasn’t smiling any more, and was too shocked to cry. He was constantly looking at his legs, shocked and devastated. He could do nothing about it. Within moments his life had turned upside down and this very moment made me realize how temporary life and it’s beautiful gifts are.

I stayed disturbed for many days after watching the horrifying accident and was unable to eat properly for some days. However, as time passed, a strong determination grew in my heart. I wanted to work selflessly for others, to follow the Niswarth way and support good causes and encourage others to do the same.’’

Everything is temporary so we must make the best use of what we have now and help those who are not capable enough to do so for themselves. We do not need to quit our job and profession to be ‘Niswarth’. Instead, we should learn to live each of our days in a way that could contribute something positive to our society.

Since then ‘Niswarth’ came into existence”.

A saying goes; एक चिडि़या भी अपने बच्चे का पेट भर लेती है, हम तो फिर भी इनसान है”. We should thus have the vision to see outside the box.

Who are We?

नि: स्वार्थ -The Selfless is a group of like-minded people who strongly believe in having a ‘Niswarth’ attitude and work towards improving the society.

Our efforts are majorly focused on various social issues, which need attention and action in order to create a better society, a better Delhi and a better India for future generation and ourselves. We work to promote health awareness among the masses to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In one way or another, we also try to spread awareness about the effects of air pollution and various ways to reduce it. We at Niswarth have organized various campaigns where we help the needful in Niswarth way and educate people about air pollution, healthcare and education.

Our Vision

The art of giving is the art of living.

We firmly believe in working selflessly and strive to inculcate the ‘Niswarth’ feeling in the people of Delhi. We want to change the winds of Delhi at such a level that no matter who stays or steps in the city, they feel “यह मेरी दिल्ली है” deeply in their heart and feel responsible for taking care of its environment.

There is no magical snap to convert Delhi into a pollution-free city. This needs to be done by us and the people around us. As responsible citizens of this country and as residents of our beloved Delhi, we must take necessary actions and follow the motto of “We are Delhi, and we will make Delhi, free from all sorts of pollution”.

Join hands with Niswarth and work towards the dream of a cleaner, greener and healthier Delhi.

What We Do

“To bring change, we need to be the change.” We at Niswarth abide by this saying, by our actions. We have organised various campaigns in domains like Healthcare, Education and Hunger Eradication.

Currently our team is working on spreading awareness about Delhi’s air pollution and its perilous effects on the city. After noticing the day-to-day rise in air pollution in Delhi, our team is willing to put forth a step and make a resolution of spreading awareness on how we, as responsible citizens of Delhi, should step up and take measures to control this pollution.

Various Past Campaigns of नि: स्वार्थ -The selfless are:

Food campaign:

We have organized 3 food campaigns in 2018:

August 19: at Sikenderpur metro station, Gurugram.

September 02: at Sikenderpur metro station, Gurugram.

October 15: at Nathupur shills slum area, Gurugram.

We provided cooked meals which included dal, rice, and salad to the slum children and homeless senior citizens. The raw material for the cooked meal was collected from people all over Delhi, who wanted to contribute their resources with a Niswarth feeling to feed the underprivileged.

Special attention was given to the waste disposal and abandoning the use of plastics. We used leaf made ‘pattal plates’ and offered water through jars instead of using plastic glasses.

Tree plantation campaign

Niswarth’s team also focuses on saving the environment. We have participated in various plantation drives that take place in Delhi. Our team took part in NBCC’s plantation drive held on 8th September and planted 12 plants in total.

Clothes donation drive

The winters in Delhi are the coldest. We organized a clothes donation drive in the month of December and January. For this, we collected winter clothes like sweaters, jackets, and blankets from people all over Delhi and distributed them to homeless people who spend their winters shivering on the roads from Chattarpur Region to AIIMS Region, New Delhi.

Reduce Air Pollution – Need of the hour (Give blood take Oxygen campaign)

We organized a blood donation camp on January 13, 2019, in Ayanagar, where an indoor air purifier plant was gifted to every blood donor as a token of appreciation. We collected 61 units of blood and submitted them to the Indian Red Cross Society.
We also partnered with Paras Hospital for health check-up of blood donors.

We organized an awareness campaign, with various school and college students. We discussed about the harmful pollutants in air and different ways to reduce and control air pollution.

Dental awareness campaign

We organized a Dental Awareness Camp on March 20, 2019, at Prayas Children Home NGO and celebrated a ‘Phoolon Wali Holi’ with the shelter home girls. We urged to avoid the use of harmful colours, reduce waste of water and celebrated this Holi with flowers. Colourful hand impression of girls was taken, with her name and what she aspires to become written by them on a white cloth sheet focusing on women empowerment.

By these campaigns, Niswarth as a team has been using the youth-power to create a long-lasting impact on our society.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +919870125867
Email: niswarth@theselfless.org

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