Niswarth:The Selfless diligently organized mahotsav “Tehwar-e-Noor” from 25th October to 15th November, 2020 which sparkles our love for nature with no firecrackers but with peace. Several events were organized to ignite a flame among people for having a safer, eco-friendly & greener Diwali. The motive of this campaign was to raise awareness & apply several methods in daily lives to reduce the pollution damage by Diwali.

Central Park Cleanliness Drive (October 25, 2020)

“Be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.” Keeping this motive in mind, our team reached the ground of Faridabad & organised a cleanliness drive. With the gaiety of upcoming Diwali celebration, comes along a tax that Environment suffers from- the pollution from burning if firecrackers leaves its mark on air, water & even land. The biggest problem arises with the increase of heaps of garbage dump. So to be a part of the solution, we cleaned the parks cautiously & freed it from the plastic waste.

The team celebrated Dussehra in a unique way by showing their love for the environment. Our enthusiastic team favoured the idea of not only cleaning our houses but even our surroundings & hence made this drive a success.

Soanpapdi with Gapshap (November 1, 2020)

The sole purpose of this session was spark the participants with a concern for environment.The highlights of the session were to be said as:

“How many clean drives in 2021?”

“How many plants in 2021 per individual?” 

Participants actively answered us their viewpoints & we were able to the extent of our future campaigns & drives. The event concluded successfully embarking us & the participants with further concerns for Environment.

Mind Matters Webinar (November 3, 2020)

Topic:- Mind & Body during the Pandemic

An online webinar was organized in coordination with Shruti Garg, HCPC UK Regd. Drama Therapist. She is the Vice-president at Uttar Pradesh Mental Health Council, WICCI. She started by giving an introduction on the topic making us realize the importance of mental health & how it was affected the most during the pandemic. Highlight of the session being:-

“We people react in two ways like when a bottle of coke or bottle is opened.”

The webinar ended with a breathing season, exhaling the stress of pandemic away making this session favourable for us & the audience as well.

Mehfil-e-Diwali (Open Mic - November 6, 2020 )

To cheer up with the Diwali vibe, Niswarth:The Selfless with its entire team organised a live open mic session & wore ethnic clothes to encourage the audience. The event embarked with a warm welcome by Dr. Nikita Ma’am, the sole founder of Niswarth:The Selfless & the host. Further the performances of our extremely talented audience kept us captivated. The winners of this event along with remarks from audience are mentioned below:-

Singing : Ankit Chaudhary (mesmerizing voice & tone)

Poetry : Divanshi Aggarwal (gave a strong message with the great idea of poem)

Shayari :  Rohan Nandal (recited Gulzar panktiyan filled with lots of emotion) 

Stand-up-comedy : Abhay Sharma (unique sense of humour)

Vaad Vivad (Debate Competition - November 8, 2020 )

Topic:- “The current environmental crisis – Who is to blame: Government or Citizens?

No. of participants:- 10

The event embarked with the host giving a brief explanation of the topic & the rules to be followed by every participant. There were 2 rounds. In the first round each participant was provided a time duration of 2-3 minutes to present their views for or against the motion. In the second round (rebuttal round), participants were supposed to answer the questions put up by the audience.

The winners of this event were:-



Rangreeza (Eco-friendly Rangoli Competition - November 14, 2020 )

No. of participants:- 16

The event was organised to favour eco-friendly ways of making rangoli, keeping up with the spirit of Diwali. Participants were supposed to click pictures of rangoli & upload it on their social media tagging Niswarth’s page.  The winners of this event were:-

1st place – Disha Vratak

2nd runner up –  Ridhi

3rd runner up – Simran

The event proved to be a success with winsome entries from participants & their efforts to be eco friendly.

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