Forest Fires: How Humans are the Leading Cause

Since the beginning of 2020, the world has seen quite a number of environmental crises; especially the COVID-19 pandemic, which has raged throughout the world. Earlier this year, we encountered various news of forest fires rising around the globe, engulfing everything that came its way. The outbreaks of forest fires have been reported in Australia, Amazon, Indonesia, California, and even in some parts of India. To top it all, these calamities have worsened each year.

All of this could be single handedly blamed on humans, who caused such a drastic fallout of climate change. 

We bear what we sow. The consequences of forest fires affect all the spheres of life: Health, Economy, Social and Political Aspect as well as Biodiversity. Here are some points to note:

  • Public health is compromised the most as receded flames and pollution is the reason which reduces the life expectancy of humans. It also increases the chances of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Rural and Indigenous communities are at risk as the fire season progresses. Many people are forced to flee their homes because of wildfires.
  • Fires also affect the Economic Structure as they lead to reduction of demand and supply chains and tourism. They result in the depreciation of value of infrastructures and assets of the property. 
  • Biodiversity is hit hard by fires. Displacement of animals and imbalances in natural habitats are also increased which follow up with disruption in food chains and the balance of ecosystems.

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What can be done about these forest fires?

Humans are responsible for around 75% of all wildfires. This means explanations and solutions are in our grasp too. As we acknowledge how “History repeats itself” so does the “Environmental Crises” and to deal with both of them, it’s important to adopt a systematic and organized process and techniques so that they can be balanced over time. Nothing can be fixed overnight but continuous efforts will lead to a greater and long-lasting impact on the environment and in return, on humans. 

  • Actions and investments should be made to address forest fires. Policies which take this problem into account as a National goal should be adopted so that governance and coordination are conducted smoothly. CSR goals of top-notch private corporations should be inclined towards the problem of Forest Fires. Research and Development on scientific methods for controlling forest fires must be looked upon.
  • Response and proactivity of people should be on local, sub-national, national, and regional levels. Sense of responsibility and commitment should be promoted by people through campaigns and it must be realised “Climate Problems are Real”
  • “Prevention is better than cure.” Focus should be laid on Sound Prevention Policies. Actions are louder than words, mere words won’t be of any use if policies are not real and effective action -oriented. Exposed areas should be targeted first and foremost so that root problems can be identified and prevention techniques could be refined. 
  • Local people should also realise the sense of responsibility they hold for the land they live on and not go beyond and illegal means to clear lands for their capital and profits by exploiting the interests of majority people especially the indigenous and tribal communities.

Humans are the villains in this case majorly because we are not able to tame what’s exactly in our hands. Climate Change supercharges Environment in a way which is detrimental to our very existence. It is highly important to address these issues as they will have a huge impact on human lives in the long run. Each and everyone must realise the fact that “Climate Change is Real” and Our Actions will determine our future.

4 thoughts on “Forest Fires: How Humans are the Leading Cause”

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    Amazing writes tbh it’s so true that fire forest r so dangerous and also it’s takes so many life’s too and also we lost forest and the trees which there from 1000 of yrs …. You write very well👍🏻💖💪

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    Anil singh bisht

    so true, also tribals ,and local should be empowered with knowledge and resources, So that would help nature and the society to survive together;

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