5 Indians who shaped the Go Green Movement.

We have grown up listening to the fact that India is as diverse in terms of landforms and biodiversity as it is in terms of it’s culture and population. All the folklores and intriguing stories that we have grown up listening about the thick cover of forests, greenery and rivers that made India a biodiversity hotspot are nowhere to be seen today.

One thesis that I can come up with is the ‘knowing-doing gap’. Knowing that nature needs help is the easy part. Actually putting in efforts to do something about it is an entirely different story. How many of us live the principles we espouse? Enter the ‘knowing-doing gap’.

Well a sigh of relief is that these people have managed to bridge the gap between knowledge and action :

1) Sundarlal Bahuguna

In the year 1973, in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, was born the legendary ‘Chipko Movement’ that fortunately is one such environmental movement which has gained it’s place in educative books of growing children. The main objective of this movement was to protect the trees on the Himalayan slopes from the axes of
contractors of the forest.

Mr Bahuguna, was the main driving force who educated the villagers of the area regarding how crucial trees were to the environment and to all humankind. There was active participation of villagers especially women who either tied a sacred thread around the trees I that area or hugged the trees in order to stop the axe bearers from cutting it, hence the name ‘Chipko Movement’ or ‘Hug the tree movement.’

This became a turning point in the history of eco-development struggles across the nation and also world over.

2) Jadav Payeng

Also known as the ‘forest man of India’, Jadav Payeng belonged to the state of
Assam. As his name goes, his contribution as an environmentalist was the creation of a 550 hectare long man-made forest, all by himself.

He spent 30 years of his life trying to revive the forest cover of Mauli Reserve, near river Brahmaputra which was facing extensive soil erosion due largescale deforestation. He started the restoration process by planting bamboo trees and other plant species, which currently encompasses 1360 hectares of land area with flourishing wildlife.

3) Salim Ali

Salim Ali, often referred to as the ‘bird man of India’ has been conducting extensive
surveys all across India and is a reputed ornithologist. He has played a significant role in creating the Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary.

For nature enthusiasts, his autobiography ‘Fall of a sparrow’ is considered awe-inspiring. He has devoted 50 years of his life as an environmentalist, serving for mother nature.

4) Medha Patkar

She is credited with playing an instrumental role in ‘Narmada Bachao Aandolan’. She leads the life of an environmentalist and has dedicated her life to protecting the livelihood of several families which were displaced during the construction of the
Narmada dam.

To add a feather of her glory, she has been given the ‘Right to livelihood reward’. She is one of the renowned Indian environmentalist.

5) Rajendra Singh

He is credited for working relentlessly towards efficient water management and
harvesting techniques and is therefore famous as the ‘Waterman of India’. He has
worked to rejuvenate and revive water bodies and has been critical in the
government’s handling of the matter. He has worked towards bringing national
attention towards this crisis.

He revived water bodies in states like Karnataka, Rajasthan and MP by constructing water structures and aquifers. His work has been highly appreciated and has led him to win the prestigious Magsaysay award in 2001 and Stockholm water prize in 2015.

Help Niswarth – The Selfless reach more people and help the communities around India by donating an amount and contributing with a selfless gesture. We continue to strive for a better society and an earth-centric world.

The above mentioned names are just a few, among many who have devoted their
lives to make India rich in terms of natural resources again.

The relentless efforts put in by these eminent personalities deserve more attention and recognition not just nationally but world over.

They have been a source of inspiration to thousands of young minds to lead a more sustainable life which is not limited merely to textbook reading but manifests itself in the real world.

49 thoughts on “5 Indians who shaped the Go Green Movement.”

  1. Avatar
    Hemant Kumar Sharma

    I have read about these National movements like Narmada bachao andolan, Chipko movement, these movements were ride out by them where they did all that it required and gave time. These humans have given their time and efforts in protecting the natural beauty of earth.
    We should also take inspiration from them, be one of them and act it.

  2. Avatar

    Thats really great, some people are giving their best to save environment. Let us also play some role in protecting nature.

    1. Avatar

      It’s really very informative , only knew name of few of these activists . Thank you for increasing my knowledge pool.

  3. Avatar

    Saving environment is just oyr responsibility we as a future need to look forward to our nature our priorities and also nature are needed to be save now or there will ever be a green blue tomorrow.

  4. Avatar
    Aradhya kapoor

    No plan B.we just need to look for environment other wise there is no replacement available of it.

  5. Avatar

    Save environment and nature so that you can save human existence other wise tgere is no life without environment 🥲

  6. Avatar

    Save nature ,save us, and also that helps us to survive and leave a beauty of existance. And also the humans need to apply give and take policies 🥺

  7. Avatar

    These movements redefined greening in India thus the protection of the environment is very necessary.

  8. Avatar

    Wow the ‘knowing-doing gap’ is a very creative initiative towards helping the nature.
    I’ve read about all those 5 personalities during school and they are truly an inspiration.

  9. Avatar

    This is not only a knowledgeable blog but also a motivational one. Anyone can do anything, it just takes the persons dedication. *Ek se hi farak parta hain*

  10. Avatar

    Rightly said that these eminent personalities deserve more attention and recognition not just nationally but world over and they truly are inspiring.

  11. Avatar

    These environment workers have inspired alot, we also have to learn from them and contribute to save environment.

  12. Avatar

    Very informative and inspiring. It’s the need of the hour that each one of us realise our responsibility to save our environment and come together to revive it

  13. Avatar

    Reading about these environmentalists was heartwarming. We should all be environmentalists in our own capacity💚

  14. Avatar
    Shantanu sharma

    This is not only a knowledgeable blog but also a motivational one. Anyone can do anything, it just takes the persons dedication. *Ek se hi farak parta hain*

  15. Avatar

    Reading this blog feels like taking a trip down memory lane when i studied this in textbooks and was so inspired by their efforts

  16. Avatar
    Gursinga Sheshiswetha

    All the nature lovers gave us awareness about Natural resources and their importance.
    Now there are many disasters happening like Nanda Devi glacier collapsed and there is massive floods occured because of global warming, everything is because we are not saving our natural resources, we all are the reason for the disasters happening.
    Please Save the Nature then nature will save us!! Plant saplings as many as you can and try to reduce CFC and other gases which affect global warming!!

  17. Avatar
    Prajna Prasad Mishra

    Thank you so much for sharing their stories ,, it’s so sad environmental workers do not get the right kind of recognition !

  18. Avatar
    Shivpujan Gautam

    These people have inspired me so much ! So glat to know about their stories ☘️🌿🌱Go Green !

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