Water and 2021: The Scarce Relationship

Although 70% of our planet is covered with water, freshwater amounts to only 3% of it. To narrow it further, we make use of only 1% of that 3% bracket. According to United Nations, as much as 1.8 billion people in the world will be the victims of water scarcity.

Today, we are going to dive in this very topic of Water Scarcity, its causes, and the adverse effects. Let’s get started.

So, what are the causes for water being scarce?

1. Climate Change

As humans we continue to engage in activities that release more carbonic gases and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Due to this the water patterns are changing around the world slowly yet in an impactful manner. Like the droughts in Somalia, flooding in Jakarta and water rationing in Rome. In some areas, the glaciers and snow packs could disappear, impacting the downstream communities for freshwater supplies. As a result of these changes, insufficient amount of water will be available for agriculture, energy generations and for the balance of the ecosystem.

2. Groundwater Scarcity

30% of the Freshwater is present deep underground in aquifers and is used daily for activities such as farming, drinking and industrial processes. In India, majority of the population relies on groundwater for survival, and as a result of this, the groundwater wells are decreasing as the water is used at a fast pace rather than replenishing it. Unlike the recoveries that we can see drying up, ground water is a reserve that we cannot observe, hence it can lead to a global threat.

3. Value of Water

Water is undervalued on a global scale. The price that we put on it does not reflect the true total cost of service, i.e. considering the transportation to treatment and disposal through infrastructure. As a result, there has been a lack of investment in infrastructure and new water technologies that use water more effectively and efficiently.

4. Natural Infrastructure

Natural infrastructure can be defined as the healthy ecosystem or proper use of landform to ensure clean water supply . It also plays an essential role to ensure that the pollutants are filtered, floods and storms are buffered and water supply is regulated. For example, Rainfall will slide across the dry land instead of seeping into the soil if there are no plants and trees present as they help to replenish the groundwater.

Even though there are more parameters which result in water scarcity and major side effects, we as a community should ensure that the solutions given by the environmentalist are taken into serious consideration. It’s the small ways through which we can find solutions to ensure the future generation is safe guarded.

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How to solve Water Scarcity :

  • Save Water whenever it is possible. This can be done by using buckets instead of using showers.
  • We need to make powerful campaigns so that governments dedicate a sufficient fund to ensure clean water is accessed by all and water reservoirs are replenished.
  • We should also support various campaigns and take their motto into serious consideration. There are various organizations located all over the world that want to ensure that clear water reaches places that don’t have it.
  • We can improve the sewage systems, by taking an active role in talking to the organization that is responsible to ensure that proper precautions are taken to ensure that sanitation takes place.
  • There are many other solutions as well, which will only work when we as a community come forward and unite to help others and the future generations.

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