5 Online Stores to Shop for Eco-friendly Products

With the advent of digitalization, it has become convenient to pile one’s shelves, cupboards, and home with things that are forgotten after one or two uses or are even more unfortunate to have not been used at all. This rise in hyper-consumerism has colossal ill effects on the environment. The more the things we buy or order online, the more non-eco-friendly packaging we promote and the more quantities of waste materials we generate. The reason for this whole situation is simple, we can buy too much, too soon, and for too little.

However, as we are trying to change the world, we must change ourselves and our shopping patterns first, adopting mindful shopping and learning about brands and websites that produce and promote eco friendly products, sell second hand things or even work on their packaging to try and reduce the size of their ecological footprint as much as possible.

Today we make mindful shopping an easier job for you by listing out certain websites where we can shop eco-friendly:


Mi Wardrobe is Su Wardrobe

Everybody was psyched when Alia Bhatt made the announcement for this website on her YouTube channel.

This website comes in first because of the utter excitement it provides to common people who marvel at the thought of wearing the same clothes as celebrities. It is an opportunity to pick an outfit from one’s favourite celebrity’s wardrobe. Of course, the prices are greatly reduced and buying from this website is a great opportunity to wear great clothes by big brands for small prices while being a proud recycler!

Click here to Shop On SaltScout Now


Mi Wardrobe is Su Wardrobe is a great initiative whereas the only visible drawback it has is of a limited range of products that stock out soon. Here, Kiabza has something better to offer. It has a larger range of products which have been used previously but are in good condition. The clothes have greater variety of sizes and the filters make sure you come across exactly what you need. For most items, the brand is mentioned and the prices are reduced.

Click here to Shop on Kiabza Now


Bare Necessities

Opening the website of bare necessities is a Niswarthian’s paradise. This is a non shady brand        promoting zero waste living and running various campaigns for the same while being transparent about it. The website has an amazing user friendly interface and one can find not only cosmetics but also products related to lifestyle and homecare in there.

Click here to Shop on Bare Necessities Now


Eco-friendly Stores - Niswarth The Selfless



Treewear is another website that will instantly put a smile on your face as soon as you open it. Their initiatives, philosophy and ethics are amazing and so is their website. They also offer free shipping for a purchase of Rs 500/- or above. Buy deodorants, hand sanitizers, organic clothing, insect repellants and lip balms on their website and contribute to their cause.

Click here to Shop on Treewear Now


Characterized as having the most amazing website out of all the websites mentioned when all others gave a tough competition too, Ecohoy has a very wide range of products spread out across different categories. You’ll be taken aback as you browse through their range of products. Clothing? Check. Food? Check. Toys? Check. Décor? Check. Personal care? Check.

The cherry on the cake for Ecohoy has to be its carbon footprint tool available on the top left corner that will help you estimate the amount of greenhouse gas emissions one is responsible for by virtue of his/her day to day activities.

Click here to Calculate your Carbon Footprint

Click here to Shop on Ecohoy Now

We had to leave out websites like ThredUp, CHNGE and Lush Cosmetics because of their inaccessibility by the Indian populace. While, making mindful shopping  choices might seem like a challenge when we are bombarded with notifications of a SALE happening in every 2 days, it is a much needed step for one to take both for ecological and economical reasons.

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    This is a really great initiative and everyone should be encouraged as much as possible to buy eco friendly products that do not harm the environment.

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    This is awesome… Great findings.. Seriously some of the websites I’ve never heard before.. Very informative… 👍👍💛

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    I believe that these are the best findings by shivani,which i never heard before.Its awesome to share eco friendly websites and environmently helpful.Also great efforts by Niswarth.

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