Green Wedding: Tie An Eco-Friendly Knot

Weddings in India have always been considered lavish & extravagant. People spend their lifetime savings on this occasion without having careful thoughts about the future. Such a strenuous spending pattern demands an alternative way of getting married, and we might have a winner in this concept of ‘Green Wedding’.

We all know how the last year was loaded with wedding ceremonies all over India. Now that people started to realize the pleasure in small weddings, it is crucial for us to take up the topic of and talk about the need for arranging green weddings. If the Indian wedding is going to have a green theme, we better start from the scratch.

Green Wedding in India

A sustainable wedding needs to be planned considering the contributing & underlying factors of unwanted expenditures and are needed to be diverted towards needful limited resources. Sustainability should be the theme if you’re planning on a wed the green way.

Here are a few suggestions to nail your green wedding!

  • One can never make up both sustainability and an Indian wedding on one hand. They never go hand in hand at all. When it comes to weddings, guests light up the occasion. One should make sure they don’t invite too many and make up a close circle guest list. Less people make less pollution also reducing the occasion’s 2/3rd expenditure.
  • We choose large grand wedding halls for weddings. If we reduce the guest list, we do not in any way need such large places. Instead, we can choose open places like lawns, beaches or farms . Nature provides all decorations and lighting in such open places.
  • Spending on food should be made carefully. One must have a new approach to make it sustainable. We can use local ingredients and make healthy food which will be refreshing to the guests and is a unique idea. By doing this, we, from our part, reduce the plastic usage by not using packed foods and keep up the health of guests with only fresh food.
  • We might have some leftover food after the occasion. In that case, it can be collected and distributed at zero cost to NGOs and they know how to help you with such food.
  • The next big plans for a wedding are makeup and dresses. Isn’t that the first thing we remember when talking about marriage or any occasion for that matter? Make sure the makeup products, any skin care product and dresses are going hand in hand with your green wedding theme. Let the products be organic, herbal and let the dresses be sustainable wear.

Now remember, you’re only going to invite your close circle of people here. The best choice to invite them is online wedding invitations. The cost nothing and we hereby cut the cost for printing wedding cards.

Help Niswarth – The Selfless reach more people and help the communities around India by donating an amount and contributing with a selfless gesture. We continue to strive for a better society and an earth-centric world.

9 thoughts on “Green Wedding: Tie An Eco-Friendly Knot”

  1. Avatar

    A much needed matter that should be included in the talk of weddings. What a brilliant outcome it can give if we as society adopt it🙌.

    1. Avatar

      Let’s be responsible citizens! Not only is it great for the environment but also looks very aesthetically pleasing! ❤️

  2. Avatar

    Let’s stand to make a difference together! Not only will this help cut down on wastage but also looks very aesthetically pleasing! 🙂

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